Von Baumann

2oom creative shop presents new investment company von Baumann.  In our workshop has been developed all the corporate identity from idea of founder’s  family history to logo and luxury gift materials such as leather notebook and precious cufflings with initial letters.

Logotype has been devided from baroque blazon von Baumann but in modern stylization. Co-founder’s family has been holding this blazon for centuries. It presents tradition and prosperity which is also basic value of the company.

Logo includes family atributes and colours. All the shapes and colour art represent corporate identity itself.

Font it this case is very important.In logo it self is used  font I have been waiting for you by spanish designer Xaviera Puiga.

There is  anotherone for usual texts- Teuton by František Šorm. Main idea is expressed by claim Art of options writen by easy handwriting  font Callie Hand by Callie Roberts.

Creating of coporate identity von Baumann was very challenging and important experience for all the designers from 2oom creative shop.