3D visualisations and models

3D visualisations and models are very popular way of presenting new products or projects. We can not only create a project study for print or electronic presentation but directly create a model in 3D printer.

For example wax models for gold jewelry casting. The assignment was to create production models of rings for 3D print. Today´s 3D printers can print wax in first-rate surface quality. This wax model is then used for production of gold casting. Part of the assignment were also visualisations. The collection included 30 rings.

We simulated also the final form of projects for new Lobkowitz beer wrap –visualisation was focused mainly on new beer labels.

We participate in prestigious designer´s competitions – Last time with three-dimentional project of new Elektrolux refrigerator shape. The surface is fully covered with OLED foil what enables to change the refrigerator appearance every day.

We created also statuettes for the competition „Modrý Oskar ČSOB“ and 3D presentation of bottles for energy drink Semtex.

If you need to give a shape to your idea, 3D visualisation is just for you. Modern polygraphic methods enables to materialize a project in few seconds.